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Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary, a haven for animals in need, is facing a critical financial crisis and is at risk of shutting its gates permanently. Established 24 years ago by Kathy Munslow, Gunyah has single-handedly provided a loving home and essential care to over 70 rescued animals, many of whom have come from traumatic situations.

The sanctuary, like many charitable organisations, has been severely impacted by inflated costs of living over the past few years. The effects being felt in both increases in costs to run the sanctuary, in conjunction with the decrease in donations from public supporters. Donations dropped significantly after supporters started feeling the financial strains of inflation, and despite efforts to cut costs and prioritise essential items, Gunyah is struggling to meet its financial obligations, as vet bills, volunteer support and sanctuary infrastructure have become increasingly difficult to action due to budget restrictions. The team of amazing volunteers developed a website, created sponsorship opportunities, and Gunyah merchandise which have brought in much-needed funds, however, it’s not enough.

Without immediate intervention, the sanctuary may be forced to close, leaving its 70+ hoofed, feathered, and human residents without a home and care. The Sanctuary needs to raise a minimum of $60,000 per year to cover feed and nutrients for the animals, vet bills, and Infrastructure. A figure that the sanctuary has fallen short on since the pandemic.

Struggling with her own health issues, Kathy expressed her deep concern, stating, “I can’t even bring myself to think about animals going without essentials or Gunyah having to wind up after helping animals in need every single day for the past 24 years.”

Gunyah is making a heartfelt appeal to the community for support. A small donation, equivalent to the cost of a cup of coffee a month, can make a significant difference in keeping the sanctuary operational. All donations, whether one-time or recurring, are greatly appreciated and will help ensure that Gunyah can continue its vital work.

To donate to Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary, visit

The Sanctuary is also introducing Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities for businesses to join Gunyah in making a positive impact on the lives of animals in need.

Kathy said “Our passionate supporters already go above and beyond to donate what they can. However, I believe that there are businesses out there that share our passion for animals. I also believe our team can provide social and financial benefits in return, as we believe in supporting those who support us.”
For more information on Corporate Sponsorships, visit:

For media inquiries or interviews, please contact or call Kathy Munslow direct on 0488 123 847.

About Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary:

Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary was founded in 2000 by Kathy Munslow. It is dedicated to providing a loving home and critical care to animals in need. The sanctuary aims to create a peaceful, natural environment where animals can recover from past trauma and live comfortably.

Gunyah is home to over 70 rescued rehoused animals, including alpacas, cows, goats, horses, ponies, pigs, sheep, ducks, cats and dogs. The majority of animals at the sanctuary were destined for destruction or production. Many animals with amazing stories of survival, determination, and care of the community, require surgery or special care during their lives at the sanctuary.

More information about the Sanctuary can be found here.

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