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Update on the current financial challenge.

You may well have read in recent posts that Gunyah is currently in a very precarious financial situation. Donations dropped significantly with the onset of COVID and have not recovered. For the first time, recent callouts for help with feed costs have not attained the result needed. There is presently little in reserve to cover the shortfall. Without some additional ongoing support, Gunyah faces the very real possibility of having to legally wind up after 13 years of helping animals in need.

There has been a lot going on here to post about, so I haven’t given you an update on the overall situation for some time.

I am very thankful that there has been some recent funding raised via donations and through the raffle that dear Gunyah friend and Admin, Anne kindly ran. Together, it will cover this week’s vet bill and feed costs for a short period.

Something still needs to change in order for Gunyah to remain financially viable longer term. I don’t want to be here again in a month posting the same desperate call for help, or worse still, posting that Gunyah has to close and rehome everyone currently living here.

I am looking into a number of ways to try and be seen and heard by more people, and will keep doing so. In the scheme of things, it wouldn’t take that much additional ongoing support to return Gunyah to what it was pre-COVID. I think the $5 Fridays are a great way in which a number of people can pull together with small contributions which add up to make a real difference. I will keep posting them and hopefully it will build some traction.

If you would like to help Gunyah by way of a donation, you can do so here. Thank you.

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