William came to Gunyah to live in 2012. He was born in the roof space of a house. When he was a few weeks old, he fell into the wall cavity and not only could he not get out, he had no way of getting nourishment from mum.

Thankfully for William, the owners of the house heard his tiny calls for help and called in a rescuer. Once a couple of bricks were removed from the wall near the tiny cries, a filthy William with dust filled lungs and body was pulled out.

William has been amazing with the many orphaned goat kids and lambs who spend time in the warmth of the house during their first critical days. He loves to groom his little canine buddy Ruby, and he also snuggles up to the many lambs and goat kids who are indoors in the warmth during their first critical days. He has even been seen being groomed by some! For them I think they are trying to find a food source, but I’m sure he sees it as being loved on and doesn’t mind at all.