Tahlia came to Gunyah to live in 2011. While on a recent vet visit with one of the dogs, I noticed a cage full of “free to good home” kittens. Things were a lot different back then, with far fewer foster care and rescue groups, and with social networking in its infancy.

All the way home I contemplated whether I could take in anyone who was still there when I went back later that day, with the view to rehoming them. On my return, one teeny black girl was still there, Tahlia.

Within days of arriving at Gunyah, she formed an incredible bond with Jemelda, a dear little dog who was here for 18 years. The two ran through the house wrestling, and when they weren’t doing that they were snuggling up together.

My plan to rehome this sweet little kitty went out the window pretty quickly! As soon as I saw this beautiful bond form, I couldn’t bear to break it.

Tahlia has, over the years, been an amazing nurturer to many who come through the house. She is Head of the Grooming Department, and is regularly seen grooming the dogs. She also cuddles up to orphaned lambs and goat kids, helping them to feel safe, warm and loved. This is so important during that most vulnerable stage of their recovery.