Sashi came to Gunyah to live after he was saved from a very uncertain future by some kind-hearted humans. He came in with Rama, and they were the first cows to be rescued by Gunyah! They were bottle raised here and have been very closely bonded since they arrived. They are big boys now!

Sash has had some issues with his front feet, both of which had vertical sand cracks. This fine crack which travels up the length of the hoof wall is a painful condition.

In order to help him he had pain relief and also numerous rounds of treatment which involved drilling out damaged sections of hoof in order to promote the growth of healthy new hoof. 

This has been relatively successful, although as Sashi’s problem is partly genetic and partly due to the environment we can’t get them perfect. He is much more comfortable than he was and he is being closely monitored.

Sashi has also had cancer cells removed from his 3rd eyelid. Sadly, this form of cancer is not uncommon in cows with white pigmentation. Thankfully there has been no further return of cancerous cells since we removed the cancerous section of his eyelid.