Ruby was a breeding dog until age 3. After giving birth to a litter of stillborn pups, Ruby had a prolapsed vagina. Her people decided they were not going to go ahead with surgery, so Ruby was surrendered to the pound. That’s when I heard about her and offered her a loving home at Gunyah if/when she was well enough to be adopted out.

Ruby’s urgently needed prolapse surgery was performed, and although she came through it well, she was leaking some faeces post surgery. With treatment and time, this settled down before further investigation was required.

Not long before it was hoped she would be well enough to move onto the new chapter of her life, a small lump was found next to her mammary gland. Initially thought to be post surgery swelling, the lump soon increased in size. After a vet consult, it was diagnosed as a hernia. Ruby was raced in for another surgery, which she came through well.

Finally in December 2018, Ruby was given the all clear to start her new life at Gunyah. Even though her world would be so very different to the one she was accustomed to previously, she adapted almost instantly. Even some very basic things are things that she had clearly never experienced before, but she took it all in her stride.

In no time at all she formed a very close bond with cats Tahlia and William, who both spend time grooming her and snuggling up to her. She in turn took on the role of nurturer, cuddling up to orphaned lambs helping them feel safe, warm and loved.