Maisie came to the Sanctuary to live in 2013 shortly after birth. Her mother died giving birth to her. Maisie was born with bilateral entropion, which basically means that the eyelids on both of her eyes were turned inwards. This is a painful condition, which left untreated can lead to damage to the eye and in some cases it can lead to blindness.

Maisie underwent treatment for the condition, and thankfully she made a full recovery and did not sustain any damage to her vision or eyes.

Maisie is a cheeky sheep who would much prefer to be inside with the human than out grazing alongside her paddock buddies. When Gunyah first relocated to bigger, greener pastures in 2014, Maisie and friends were housed around the house while paddock fencing was being built. Maisie loved nothing more than standing up on her back legs banging on the front door to be let in!