In June 2014, Gunyah took part in a rescue involving a number of lambs and sheep. Lilly was one of those lambs.

Adult ewes, Elise and Theresa were so emaciated and weak they could only stand for short periods of time. They would not have survived if left for much longer without immediate treatment and care.

Elise and Theresa had just lost their own lambs during birth, but amazingly they let Sean, Ernie and Lilly (whose mothers had died giving birth to them) suckle from them. This is not all that common, especially given their weakened and highly emaciated condition at the time.

Lilly was doted on by her surrogate mums, who did all they could to nurture the little lambs in need.

Lilly was born with bilateral entropion, meaning that both of her eyelids were turned inwards. This is a painful condition which, if left untreated, can cause damage to the cornea. It can in some cases cause ulceration and even blindness. In Lilly’s case it also meant that the surface area of her eye was greatly reduced, making it difficult for her to see.

Lilly was treated for this condition by having stitches put in place so as to force the eyelids to sit normally. Once the stitches are removed, the eyelid remains where it should naturally sit. Thankfully she had no loss of vision and from then on she could see the world as nature intended.