Eliza came to Gunyah to live in 2012. Much loved by her humans, this young porcine lacked one thing. Friends. Pigs are highly social, very sensitive beings and if bonded they will usually snuggle up together or lay down snout to snout. They will also often bond with other species.

Unfortunately, in Eliza’s case, there was no option to get her a friend. Eliza’s mental health began to suffer to the point where she didn’t have much reason to get out of bed. She was diagnosed with depression.

Not wanting to see their much-loved friend suffer, Eliza’s humans decided it was in her best interests that she find a home where she will have a friend to hang out with.

Eliza loves human interaction. She will always come over and give the biggest and loudest greetings. She says hi via a number of different vocalisations, and her whole body shakes while doing so. Eliza greetings are the best!