Abbey is just shy of 30 years old. She had lived happily with her humans since she was 6 months old and had been well cared for. Times changed and her owners sold their property. Abbey had a paddock buddy she had been with for some time, whom she had formed a very close bond with. Her buddy was sold, but no plans had been made for Abbey’s future. With just 2 days left before her humans moved and with the most likely option for Abbey looking like a trip to the knackery, she escaped.

A call came into Gunyah in the middle of the night regarding a horse who was running down the main road in the dark. That horse was Abbey. I caught her and got her to safety here at the sanctuary. The very next day she was surrendered to Gunyah, and will now get to live her twilight years out peacefully.

Within a day or two of arriving, Abbey fell head over heels for ex racehorse Tracky. The two are never apart.