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Fundraiser Campaign

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About The Fundraiser

It’s nearly time to stack the hay shed full of lovely fresh hay again.
The hay will more than likely be cut in a couple of weeks. We purchase as much as we can from next door, as soon as it’s cut.
Although there has been an abundance of Spring grass around, it’s predicted to be a very long, hot, dry Summer. Now is the time to stock up because who knows what we’ll be facing if the forecast pans out. In past years with a similar weather pattern to what is predicted, hay supplies ran out through much of the state well before the next cut.
The goal is to raise $2,000 and that should come close to covering the cost.
If you are able to help out, please follow this link to the fundraising page (credit card, PayPal and bank transfer options available). Thank you so much.

Below is an image from Gunyah’s 2019 Summer Hay Drive (Our biggest ever)

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