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Please note: We add donations from other sources in bulk, so while the amount raised is accurate the donation count is not.

Communication that connects

We love what we do and care about the people that we work with – both clients and suppliers.

We value honesty, integrity, hard work, and making sure we have a little fun on the way to success – and when it comes to celebrating success, we’re all in!

We balance creativity and originality with tried and tested marketing techniques and we bring expertise by the bucketload – whether that’s in traditional media like TV, radio and print, or in new media like digital advertising, web development, social media and graphic design.

We are an award-winning Marketing Agency and we can help your business with any marketing related need you could possibly think of.

How the funds are used

How the funds are used

Donated funds will go towards keeping the residents happy and healthy, and it will also hopefully allow Gunyah to help other animals in need in the future.

Feed and nutrients make up the core of daily expenses


Vet bills (scheduled and emergency) are common and difficult to budget for.


Infrastructure modifications/improvements are also needed, such as fencing or animal shelters.


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A safe haven for animals who have suffered from abuse, neglect or abandonment.