Sponsor Turkey Town


This area is home to a number of the duck and turkey residents. It’s a lovely tranquil spot with a row of beautiful ornamental shade trees, one of which is a stunning Ginko. It also has a pond, as well as a small stream which flows most winters when the dam is overflowing. The ducks love foraging in it. There is also a large aviary/enclosure which keeps everyone safe from predators at night.

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What this sponsorship gets you:

  • Naming rights to Turkey Town for 12 months
  • A beautiful sign/plaque with your allocated Turkey Town name, along with “Donated by: your name(s), suburb/city”
  • A dedicate thank you post on the Gunyah.org website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, along with your choice of message and tags  (Optional – as we know some people like to remain anonymous)
  • After the timeframe expires your plaque will be immortalised at Gunyah, on our “forever grateful wall” in the barn
  • Priority renewal option 1 month before the sponsorship timeframe expires

....plus an eternity of gratitude from the animals, Kathy and the entire team!