Sponsor The Pony Tree


It’s hard to capture the true majesty of this towering gum. Believed to be around 150 years old, and possibly much older than that, this tree could certainly tell a story or two.

Called the Pony Tree, this redbox provides shade and protection from the harsh elements for the pony herd. They look tiny under the huge canopy!

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What this sponsorship gets you:

  • Naming rights to the Pony Tree for 12 months
  • A beautiful sign/plaque with your allocated tree name, along with “Donated by: your name(s), suburb/city”
  • A dedicate thank you post on the Gunyah.org website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, along with your choice of message and tags  (Optional – as we know some people like to remain anonymous)
  • After the timeframe expires your plaque will be immortalised at Gunyah, on our “forever grateful wall” in the barn
  • Priority renewal option 1 month before the sponsorship timeframe expires

....plus an eternity of gratitude from the animals, Kathy and the entire team!