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Fundraiser Campaign

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Dear Friends and Animal Lovers,

We are spreading the word to help someone who has dedicated her life to caring for those who cannot speak for themselves—our dear friend, Kathy, the heart and soul behind Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary.

Kathy tirelessly cares for almost 50 animals, providing them with love, healing, and a sanctuary they call home. However, she has been grappling with her own health challenges. Struggling to catch her breath while doing simple tasks, prompted her to get health checks.

Scans earlier this week found structural defects with her heart. Despite the challenges, Kathy is taking time to prioritise her health, but we can’t stand by and watch her struggle alone.

Running the sanctuary on her own has taken a toll, and the financial strain has become too difficult to handle while having to shift her focus to organising health checks and specialist appointments.  Kathy needs our urgent support to ensure the sanctuary’s doors remain open while she focuses on her health and the well-being of the precious animals at Gunyah.

Let’s come together and support Kathy in this crucial time. Our goal is to alleviate the financial burden on the sanctuary, allowing Kathy to focus on her health and continue providing the love and care the animals deserve.

Here’s how everyone can help:

  1. Donate to the fundraiser
  2. If you’d prefer, you can sponsor an animal or part of the sanctuary
  3. Share this post to spread the word
  4. Send Kathy your love and positive vibes in the comments.

Every contribution, big or small, will make a significant impact on Kathy’s journey to recovery and the well-being of the animals she so dearly loves. Let’s rally together and show Kathy that she is not alone—the Gunyah community stands united with her.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Jen & Brent

Other Ways You Can Support Gunyah

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